#198 Програмното

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Дата: МАЙ 16, 2013

Описание: Програмното


Shattered Me – Bass Drum Of Death
Such A Bore – Bass Drum Of Death
(You'll Never Be) So Wrong – Bass Drum Of Death
Don't Swallow The Cap – The National
Graceless – The National
Ya Hey (Paranoid Styles Mix) – Vampire Weekend
Unbelievers (Seeburg Drum Machine Mix) – Vampire Weekend
Dirty Summer – Mother Falcon  
When It Was Good – Mother Falcon       
Pentacostal – Mark Lanegan and Luke Garwood
Cold Molly – Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood
Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl) – Wild Nothing
A Dancing Shell – Wild Nothing
Down Under, Mining – Dear Reader
Took Them Away – Dear Reader
Sir William Wray – The Fall            
Hittite Man – The Fall     
Begin to Remember – VAR
The World Fell – VAR
Floating Heads – Sister Crayon
Headline – Sister Crayon
Head Is Not My Home – MS MR
No Trace – MS MR           

#161 Законът на Фалшименто

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Дата: AUG 30, 2012
Описание: Който не Sebenza, не трябва да mandjare

Burnin’ Hell feat. Nick Cave – The Bootlegers
Fire and Brimstone feat. Mark Lanegan – The Bootlegers
Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do feat. Mark Lanegan – The Bootlegers
The Sticks – Mother Mother
Let’s Fall In Love – Mother Mother
Plumage – Menomena
Capsule – Menomena
We Do Parties – Deerhoof
Breakup Songs – Deerhoof
The Right to Know – The Unwinding Hours
Break – The Unwinding Hours
Midnight Song – Wild Nothing
This Chain Won’t Break – Wild Nothing
Walk Through Walls – Kyla la Grange
I Could Be – Kyla la Grange
Put Your Brain In Gear – Gemma Ray
Runaway – Gemma Ray
Stick Me In My Heart – Archive
Twisting – Archive
EFX feat. Kelela – Teengirl Fantasy
Pyjama feat. Panda Bear – Teengirl Fantasy
Tense Past – Holy Other
Love Some1 – Holy Other
Sebenza feat. Okmalumkoolkat – LV
Zulu Compurar feat. Okmalumkoolkat – LV
Nothing Like Us feat. Ruffest – LV
Fire in the Blood Snake Song feat. Emmylou Harris -The Bootlegers


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