#166 А той си нямаше и шушка

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Дата: OCT 04, 2012
Описание: А той си нямаше и шушка

Liquid State – Muse
Panic Station – Muse
Animals – Muse
Sticky Fingers in Your Honey – Skunk Anansie
Spit You Out – Skunk Anansie
Mine Tonight – Dum Dum Girls
I Got Nothing – Dum Dum Girls
Lose My Way – Toy
Motoring – Toy
A Place In Neither – Elephant9
Walls And Doors – John Frusciante
Leviathan – God’s Little Eskimo
Bikes – Lucy Rose
Scar – Lucy Rose
Lines – Lucy Rose
Hollow Mountain – Efterklang
The Ghost – Efterklang
Echoes – The Wildernes Of Manitoba
The Aral Sea – Southern Winds – The Wildernes Of Manitoba
New Life – Teen Daze
Union – Teen Daze
You Make Me Feel feat. Meleka – Terror Danjah
Delicately feat. Ruby Lee Ryder – Terror Danjah
Never Been electr*c VIP – Dub Phizix
Makin Magic – Krampfhaft

#106 Spiritus of Burgas Amen

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Мобю на концерта му при мамалигите от 2009г. Не знаехме, че може да свири изобщо на нещо. И що за тениска е това?!!1




Дата: Aug 04, 2011



Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies
Love vs. Loneliness (edit) – Suicidal Tendencies
Chetiri – Kottarashky
Opa hey – Kottarashky
Peligro – Gotan Project
La Gloria – Gotan Project
A State Of Mind – Mark Fogo
You Know Who – Mark Fogo
Buzzin – Benga
One Million – Benga
Raver feat. Kano – Shy FX
Hold You Shy FX & Benny Page Digital Soundboy Remix – Gyptian
We Don’t Need Who You Think You Are – Skunk Anansie
Cheap Honesty – Skunk Anansie
Rockets – Moby
The Right Thing – Moby
Zumbul – Kultur Shock
Sarajevo – Kultur Shock
Afrika Shox – Leftfield
Dusted – Leftfield
Cut Dem – Skindred
Bad Man Ah Bad Man – Skindred
Change (In the House of Flies) – Deftones
Passenger – Deftones

  Канцонети ше ми пее!


Нашо моме, преди две години дъпаше баса при Мобю




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