#256 Ептен Напечек

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И там както и тук,  положението е Ептен Напечек иначе казано Cooling Break. Случайно или не започваме с:

Goat – Hide From the Sun
Antemasque – Ride Like The Devil’s Son
Antemasque – Providence
The Echo-Friendly – Same Mistakes
The Echo-Friendly – Worried
Red Traces – Marble Smile
Red Traces – Nothing South
Tiny Victories – Systems
Tiny Victories – Justine
The Apache Relay – Ruby
The Apache Relay – Good As Gold
Cold Beat – Rain
Cold Beat – Abandon
GusGus – Another Life
GusGus – Crossfade
Queen Of Hearts – Warrior
Queen Of Hearts – Angel
PHOX – Slow Motion
PHOX – Leisure
Cold Specks – Old Knives
Cold Specks – Absisto
Fhloston Paradigm – Light on Edge
James Blake – Retrograde


  • Слушай ни

    Всеки четвъртък. Вече на HD

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