#248 Трудовото фалшименто

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Денс тупалки. Актуални предложения. Sleaford Mods пък пеят: ‘Tell my daughter it’s all gone wrong Pete Tong, Pete Tong, Barekov’

Apemen – Cash

tUne- yArDs – Left Behind

tUne- yArDs – Manchild

Sleaford Mods – Tiswas

Sleaford Mods – The Corgi

Little Hurricane – Gold Fever

Little Hurricane – Summer Air

Reptile Youth – Rivers That Run for a Sea That Is Gone

Kasabian – Explodes

Eno and Hyde – Strip it Down

Eno and Hyde – When I Built This World

Sd Laika – You Were Wrong

Sd Laika – Meshes

Plaid – Hawkmoth

Plaid – Ropen

Kwabs – Calling Out (Live at Blue Flowers)

Kwabs – Spirit Fade (Live at Blue Flowers)

BANKS – Goddess

Lykke Li – I Never Learn

tUne- yArDs – Wait For A Minute

tUne- yArDs – Time Of Dark

Babyface Clan – Fantastic

#113 Нека бъде шоу

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Дата: SEP 22, 2011

Описание: Нека бъде шоу


Muppet Show Theme Song – OK Go
Mahna Mahna – The Fray
Sunlight – Modestep
Street – Jamie Woon
Thank – Plaid
Unbank – Plaid
Breaking Bones – VHS or Beta
Diamonds and Death – VHS or Beta
Everybody – VHS or Beta
Crash (Original Mix) – Fritz & Lang
Room Music (Bluesed Out) – Fritz & Lang
Relax – Das Racist
Brand New Dance – Das Racist
Genesis Of The Upper Skies – Marsmobil
Beautiful Trash feat. Megan Washington (Natural Double Remix) – Lanu
1988 – Lanu
Liiines – Ghostpoet
Ojos Atemporales (Dj Pho Remix) – De Juepuchas
Hang Roxy (feat. Jana Hunter) – Junk Culture
Imidiwan MaTenam (What Have You Got To Say My Friends) – Tinariwen
Tenere Taqhim Tossam (JealousDesert) – Tinariwen
Fear Is Like Fire (Acoustic) – Fink
Perfect Darkness (Acoustic) – Fink
Merci Bon Dieu – Max Rouen


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