№271 Хулигани, металисти, дисководещи

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osnovna 271a

“Хулигани, металисти, дисководещи” е новото от нас.

На 21 януари е концертът на Black Bombiam. На 2 февруари на уше Fink и ден след 14 февруари Jozef van Wissem ще ръси средновековното си усещане за света. Организаторите на тези концерти в слушалките от ляво надясно и по диаметрал, както следва Ивайло Александров, Андрей Пеев, Петър Русинов и Цветан Цветанов. Добър вечер.

#196 Като по-прости

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kato po prosti

Дата: МАЙ 02, 2013

Описание: Като по-прости


Ich Werde Sehen – Moon Duo
B Minor – The Man
Empty Vessels – Wolf People    
Answer – Wolf People    
5 Quiet Game – Guided By Voices
Xeno Pariah – Guided By Voices
Brother in the Night – The Weeks
Thief in my Mouth – The Weeks
Savanna – The Cliks
4 Letter Words – The Cliks
Ballad of the War Machine – Midnight Juggernauts
Melodiya – Midnight Juggernauts
Tequila Mockingbird feat. Druid Cloak – Liar
Alpha – Liar    
Stay Close feat. Austin Paul – Kastle
Make You Stay feat. Jmsn – Kastle    
Acrylics  – TNGHT     
Acrylics (Donkongs Cowbell Remix) – TNGHT     
Sour  Sweet – Lilacs & Chamoagne
Desire – Dems
Henry (Ankierman Remix) – Mina Tindle
Too Loud (Breton Remix) – Mina Tindle
Open Up – Owl Eyes
Hurricane – Owl Eyes
The Mystery of Heaven feat. Guy Blakeslee – Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch


#178 Фалшименто резервоар кучешка радост – епизод 4 “Капамата”

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Дата: DEC 27, 2012
Описание: Капамата
Есен 2012:

Love Fuzz – Ty Segall
The Baddest Man Alive – The Black Keys & RZA
In a Moment – Stereophonics
Headache – METZ
Moving Targets – Sugar Army
Taree – Soundgarden
Two Fingers – Jake Bugg
Two Devils – Dog is Dead
I Been Gone – Moon Duo
Send Me Down – Haim
The Base – Paul Banks
Yeah Yeah – Willy Moon
Runnin’ – Sinkane
Goathead – Goat
Hollow Mountain – Efterklang
Mercenary – Crystal Castles
Northern Lights – Kate Boy
Keep You – Wild Belle
Rest Your Head – Bat For Lashes
The Wheel – S O N H
Better Than This – Stubborn Heart
Dreamers – Savior Adore
Lines – Lucy Rose
Shut Eye – Stealing Sheep
Down In Flames – Wax Tailor
Don’t Say a Word – Ellie Goulding

#167 Sepalcured

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Дата: OCT 11, 2012
Описание: Sepalcured
Мецитата в броя:

Wet Blanket – METZ
Headache – METZ
Sleepwalker – Moon Duo
Circles – Moon Duo
I Been Gone – Moon Duo
Man and Man’s Ruin – Cult of Youth
It Took a Lifetime – Cult of Youth
Shut Eye – Stealing Sheep
White Lies – Stealing Sheep
Genevieve – Stealing Sheep
Feels Like We Only Go Backwards (Live) – Tame Impala
Elephant (Todd Rundgren Remix) – Tame Impala
Eternally Yrs – Sepalcure
Hold On (Trevino Remix) – Sepalcure
Daniel – Twin Sister
Fifty Fifty – The Luyas
Traces – The Luyas
Don’t Say a Word – Ellie Goulding
Only You – Ellie Goulding
Down In Flames – Wax Tailor
Time To Go – Wax Tailor
No Regret – Wax Tailor
Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us – Fink


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