#260 Доверен сервиз

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Radio Moscow – Stinging
Radio Moscow – Sweet Lil Thing
Goat – The Light Within
Goat – Goatchild
White Fence – Sandra (When The Earth Dies)
White Fence – Arrow Man
Allah-Las – Follow You Down
Allah-Las – Yemeni Jade
Allah-Las -No Werewolf
Allah-Las -Every Girl
Kate Boy – Self Control
Dems – Got No Brains
People Get Ready – Sooooooooon
People Get Ready – Rainbow
Wunder Wunder – Hail the Madmen
Wunder Wunder – Wonderful Way
Donovan Blanc – Is It Natural
Donovan Blanc – Veronica
JJ – Dynasti
JJ – Hold Me
Leela James – Who’s Gonna Love You More
Leela James -So Good
Got a Girl – Put Your Head Down
Got a Girl – Heavenly

#256 Ептен Напечек

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И там както и тук,  положението е Ептен Напечек иначе казано Cooling Break. Случайно или не започваме с:

Goat – Hide From the Sun
Antemasque – Ride Like The Devil’s Son
Antemasque – Providence
The Echo-Friendly – Same Mistakes
The Echo-Friendly – Worried
Red Traces – Marble Smile
Red Traces – Nothing South
Tiny Victories – Systems
Tiny Victories – Justine
The Apache Relay – Ruby
The Apache Relay – Good As Gold
Cold Beat – Rain
Cold Beat – Abandon
GusGus – Another Life
GusGus – Crossfade
Queen Of Hearts – Warrior
Queen Of Hearts – Angel
PHOX – Slow Motion
PHOX – Leisure
Cold Specks – Old Knives
Cold Specks – Absisto
Fhloston Paradigm – Light on Edge
James Blake – Retrograde

217 Ф. на Мощта на нузеите в Пловдив

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Дата: СЕПТЕМВРИ 26, 2013

Описание: Мощта на нузеите


Оркестър София – Без твоя спомен
Gimme – Beck  
Crystalised feat. Mark Lanegan – Martina Topley-Bird
Run to Your Mama – Goat   
Downtown Poznan – Zova  
Canvas World feat. Claudie – Dems  
Black Summer – Efterklang  
The Ghost – Efterklang  
Platoon – Jungle   
My Way feat. Joe Dukie – Close   
Eureka – Daedelus  
Perpetually – Daedelus  
Tiptoes – Daedelus  
Let's Talk About Gender Baby, Let's Talk About You And Me – (Planningtorock rework)
Forever – Haim  
The Wire – Haim  
Nothing – To be Frank  
Tears – To be Frank  
I Lost You – A Place to Bury Strangers   
Don't Look Back – A Place to Bury Strangers   
What Doesnt Kill You – Jake Bugg
Small + Lost – Ryan Hemsworth  
Understand – Eliphino  
I Don't Care – Eliphino   

#213 Comfortably лумп

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Дата: АВГУСТ 29, 2013

Описание:  Comfortably лумп


Disco Fever – Goat         
Man – Neko Case
Coming Through feat. Cat Power – Willis Earl Beal
Little Jose – Grey Reverend
Everlasting – Grey Reverend
Fate – Grey Reverend
Shelf – John Frusciante
Confidence – The Dodos
Transformer – The Dodos
Pressure – Until The Ribbon Breaks
2025 – Until The Ribbon Breaks
Chain My Name – Polica
Saturnin Fire And The Restless Ocean – Floex
Gone feat. Never Sol – Floex
Kool FM – Four Tet
Painted Faces – Jacques Greene + Tinashe
Bury Your Brother – Lorn
Inverted – Lorn
On The Ice – Lorn
Avalanche – Just Friends
Avalanche (Shlohmo remix) – Just Friends
The String of Everything – Mariam the Believer
Blood Donation – Mariam the Believer
Somewhere Else – Miriam the Beliver


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