#236 Седни, почини

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Този път сме сутрешни. Снощни. Без да сме вчерашни. Добро утро.

Beck – Cycle 
Beck – Morning 
Brond – Lava Divers (Demo) 
Nicolas Jaar – Mini Calcutta 
Les Claypool“s Duo De Twang – Stayin“ Alive 
Les Claypool“s Duo De Twang – Wynona“s Big Brown Beaver 
Hozier – From Eden 
Nicolas Jaar – Angels 
The Bees – Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix) 
Dum Dum Girls – Too True to Be Good 
Dum Dum Girls – Rimbaud Eyes 
Dum Dum Girls – In the Wake of You 
Nicolas Jaar – Materials
Raz Ohara – True Love Will Find You In The End
Machinedrum – U Still Lie 
Darkside – Metatron 
Darkside – Paper Trails            


#166 А той си нямаше и шушка

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Дата: OCT 04, 2012
Описание: А той си нямаше и шушка

Liquid State – Muse
Panic Station – Muse
Animals – Muse
Sticky Fingers in Your Honey – Skunk Anansie
Spit You Out – Skunk Anansie
Mine Tonight – Dum Dum Girls
I Got Nothing – Dum Dum Girls
Lose My Way – Toy
Motoring – Toy
A Place In Neither – Elephant9
Walls And Doors – John Frusciante
Leviathan – God’s Little Eskimo
Bikes – Lucy Rose
Scar – Lucy Rose
Lines – Lucy Rose
Hollow Mountain – Efterklang
The Ghost – Efterklang
Echoes – The Wildernes Of Manitoba
The Aral Sea – Southern Winds – The Wildernes Of Manitoba
New Life – Teen Daze
Union – Teen Daze
You Make Me Feel feat. Meleka – Terror Danjah
Delicately feat. Ruby Lee Ryder – Terror Danjah
Never Been electr*c VIP – Dub Phizix
Makin Magic – Krampfhaft

#111 Deathstyle

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Дата: SEP 08, 2011

Описание: And Death Shall Have No Dominion
Idioteque – Radiohead
This Mess We’re In – PJ Harvey feat. Thom Yorke
All and Everyone – PJ Harvey
On Battleship Hill – PJ Harvey
In The Dark Places – PJ Harvey
Bitter Branches – PJ Harvey
Hanging In The Wire – PJ Harvey
Everything We’ve Done is Forgiven Everything – UNKLE
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life – Monty Python
Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls


Skinfist – Tool

#107 Джойнт Venture с идеална цел

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Дата: AUG 11, 2011

Описание: Джойнт Venture


Kitchenette (RAK Sessions) – Grinderman
Palaces Of Montezuma (RAK Sessions) – Grinderman
Coming Down – Dum Dum Girls
Teardrops on My Pillow – Dum Dum Girls
Always Looking – Dum Dum Girls
California Analog Dream – Vondelpark
Camels – Vondelpark
TV – Vondelpark
Feat B – Vondelpark
It Was Whatever – Shlohmo
Sleepwalking feat. Linche – Photek
Badman Forward Badman Pull Up (The Bug feat. Flow Dan Remix) – Ding Dong
Barbakan – Baobinga and xxxy
Rockfall – Gemmy and Baobinga
All Too Heavy feat. Brian Greene – Boxcutter
The Dissolve feat. Brian Greene – Boxcutter
Ufonik feat. Brian Greene – Boxcutter
Gone Fishing – Second Person
The Alphabet Song – Second Person
The Wishbone – Second Person
So Cruel – Bass Clef
Big Feelings – Shlohmo

    Джойнт Venture с идеална цел = ВНЛ


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