#187 Филия с хумус

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Дата: FEB 28, 2013

Описание: Филия с хумус


Step Up for the Cool Cats – Palma Violets           
All the Garden Birds – Palma Violets      
Desert of Pop – The Ruby Suns
In Real Life – The Ruby Suns
Light Body Clock Starter – Darkstar
Timeaway – Darkstar
State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) – Jim James
Know Til Now – Jim James
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out  – The Smiths
Smile – Nat King Cole
A Hard Rains A-Gonna Fall – Bob Dylan
Hurt – Johnny Cash
Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd
A New England – Billy Bragg       
The Carpet Crawlers – Genesis                
Let Him Dangle – Elvis Costello
Heart of Gold – Neil Young
Rene And Georgette Margritte With Their Dog After The War – Paul Simon



*Гещернак същество в разказ на Керет, което яде сънища.

#165 Джони и машините

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Дата: SEP 27, 2012
Описание: Джони и машините
Нация техническа:

Mistakes – John Frusciante
Guitar – John Frusciante
Bike – John Frusciante
Find Them Empty – Woods
Size Meets the Sound – Woods
Anti-Lover – Satallite Stories
Boot Cut – Satallite Stories
Mexico – John Spenser Blues Expolosion
Ice Cream Killer – John Spenser Blues Expolosion
None Like You – Colin Tucker Band
Constance – Colin Tucker Band
Kill My Blues – Colin Tucker Band
Got Me a Beard – The Beards
Duquesne Whistle – Bob Dylan
Flesh and Bone – The Killers
She Lives In The North – Teitur
Your Drums, Your Love – AlunaGeorge
Fall In Love With the Enemy – MNDR
Stay – MNDR
Caves (Phon.o Remix) – DATA ROMANCE
Feel Me – Fear Me – Thavius Beck
In Your Eyes – Thavius Beck
Tears Of Fire – Thavius Beck
Come feat. Jesse Boykins III – Zodiac
Ratiug – John Frusciante


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