#259 Стриктно арогантен и палав

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Блъскаме по корпулентния тумбак. Омммм и в тоя мандат пак Буда.

Mark Lanegan Band – Sad Lover
Manic Street Preachers – Misguided Missile
Manic Street Preachers – The View from Stow Hill
Manic Street Preachers – Divine Youth
Manic Street Preachers – Black Square
Transfer – Reflections of Home
Transfer – The Widow
SPOON – Rent I Pay
SPOON – Inside Out
Bad Suns – Sleep Paralysis
Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest
Cloud Boat – Aurelia
Cloud Boat – Portraits of Eyes
Cloud Boat – Bricks are For
Cloud Boat – Told You
SARH – Urquinaona
SARH – U and I
Blank Brothers – Got To Be Alright
Blank Brothers – Infrared
Shura -Touch
Shura – Just Once
BANKS – Beggin For Thread
2:54 – Orion
Vaults – Lifespan

#251 Аз сърце женски гласове

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Early Morning Rebel – Burn Us Down

Early Morning Rebel – Howl At The Moon

Early Morning Rebel – Life Boat – TC Spitfire Mix

Morrissey – Istanbul

Morrissey – World Peace Is None Of Your Business

Shy Hunters – Echoes

Shy Hunters – Raise Voices

Bitter Ruin – Love Gone Left

Bitter Ruin – Stampede

Bitter Ruin – Leather For Hell

Bitter Ruin – Tom Thumb

Stone Cold Fox – Time’s Up

Stone Cold Fox – Reprise

Lee Scratch Perry – Rastafari On Wall Street

Lee Scratch Perry – Jesus is a Soul Man

Samaris – Nott

Samaris – Eg vildi fegin veroa

Hunterchild – So Bad

Hunterchild – Time Traveling Lover

Banks – Drowning

#248 Трудовото фалшименто

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Денс тупалки. Актуални предложения. Sleaford Mods пък пеят: ‘Tell my daughter it’s all gone wrong Pete Tong, Pete Tong, Barekov’

Apemen – Cash

tUne- yArDs – Left Behind

tUne- yArDs – Manchild

Sleaford Mods – Tiswas

Sleaford Mods – The Corgi

Little Hurricane – Gold Fever

Little Hurricane – Summer Air

Reptile Youth – Rivers That Run for a Sea That Is Gone

Kasabian – Explodes

Eno and Hyde – Strip it Down

Eno and Hyde – When I Built This World

Sd Laika – You Were Wrong

Sd Laika – Meshes

Plaid – Hawkmoth

Plaid – Ropen

Kwabs – Calling Out (Live at Blue Flowers)

Kwabs – Spirit Fade (Live at Blue Flowers)

BANKS – Goddess

Lykke Li – I Never Learn

tUne- yArDs – Wait For A Minute

tUne- yArDs – Time Of Dark

Babyface Clan – Fantastic

#239 Един на друг сме си подизпълнители

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Хеттрик от съблекалните в 239-я ни shot с:    

Royal Blood – Little Monster 

Royal Blood – Figure It Out
Royal Blood – Out of the Black 
Death Vessel – Velvet Antlers 
Damien Jurado – Jericho Road 
Damien Jurado – Magic Number 
Kimono Kult – Todo Menos El Dolor 
Kimono Kult – La Cancion De Alejandra 
Pye Corner Audio – Dystopian Vector Part One 
Pye Corner Audio – Electronic Rhythm Number Nine 
Klaxons – There Is No Other Time 
Klaxons – Children Of The Sun 
Metronomy – The Upsetter 
METRONOMY – Love Letters 
Metronomy – Reservoir 
Little Dragon – Klapp Klapp 
Theophilus London – Based God prod. by Dimensions 
Theophilus London – Do Girls prod. Cid Rim 
Theophilius London – Dress On prod. Dimensions 
SOHN – Tempest 
SOHN – Fool 
SOHN – Tremors 
SOHN – Artifice 
BANKS – Brain 
Chet Faker and the Royal Swazi Spa – Fear Like You



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