#260 Доверен сервиз

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Radio Moscow – Stinging
Radio Moscow – Sweet Lil Thing
Goat – The Light Within
Goat – Goatchild
White Fence – Sandra (When The Earth Dies)
White Fence – Arrow Man
Allah-Las – Follow You Down
Allah-Las – Yemeni Jade
Allah-Las -No Werewolf
Allah-Las -Every Girl
Kate Boy – Self Control
Dems – Got No Brains
People Get Ready – Sooooooooon
People Get Ready – Rainbow
Wunder Wunder – Hail the Madmen
Wunder Wunder – Wonderful Way
Donovan Blanc – Is It Natural
Donovan Blanc – Veronica
JJ – Dynasti
JJ – Hold Me
Leela James – Who’s Gonna Love You More
Leela James -So Good
Got a Girl – Put Your Head Down
Got a Girl – Heavenly

#171 Хипстъромасонското

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Дата: NOV 08, 2012
Описание: Хипстъромасонското
Зидарите в това заседание:

Future Spark – Sugar Army
Will You Follow – Sugar Army
Small Town Charm – Sugar Army
Moving Targets – Sugar Army
Sandy – Allah-Las
Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind) Allah-Las
Shakin Little Willie John – Willy Moon
She Loves Me – Willy Moon
Yeah Yeah – Willy Moon
Flatlands – Chelsea Wolfe
Appalachia – Chelsea Wolfe
I Fear Thy Kisses – LA Vampires with Maria Minerva
Supercool – LA Vampires with Maria Minerva
Speaking Japanese – Shiny Toy Guns
E V A Y – Shiny Toy Guns
I Just Want – Eskmo
Oh in This World of Dread, Carry On – Eskmo
Express – Breakage
The Promise – Breakage
Gotta Keep Me Goin’ – Yannah Valdevit
Two Days – Yannah Valdevit
Wonderland (feat. January Thompson) – Little People
Aldgate Patterns – Little People


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